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A wristband and an app

It's a unique combination of hardware and software with the latest technologies.
For the moment, the hardware, made In France, takes the form of a wristband, it will offer a range of different looks later on.
To get the best out of it, an app is available on both Android and iOS devices.


A bit more details?



The wristband has 2 different modes:
• An alert mode, where you can send geotracked alert and everything-is-ok messages to your contacts
• A tracking mode that adds to the alert mode fall detection, in & out of a perimeter and regularly send your location (adjustable within the app)



The app allows you to manage your wristband, add emergency contacts, define perimeters, etc.
Your emergency contacts who downloaded the app will receive notifications each time you send an alert, an everything-is-ok message or if the wristband detects something suspect.

Right now, it's all about user testing!


2017 > 2019

It took not less than 18 months, many iterations on the product and thousands of hours of code to have a solution ready to be tested by potential customers. It's not perfect but that's why prototypes exist!

User testing


Here we go, it's time to put our solution into real people hands and cross our fingers to hope it will satisfy them and moreover answer to real needs they have. We can't wait to hearing from them and having their feedbacks.

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